Polar Vortex III

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With the upcoming Polar Vortex (again) I decided to winterize my nails. I’ve done this before, and I don’t even know why I’m complaining about the snow because I’ve lived in winters all my life. I spent four years in Hawai’i for undergrad, though, so the warm blood I acquired there has stuck with me through the miserable cold that is present….




I knew I wanted Emerald and Ash to be my first blog post, because I absolutely ADORE Ashley and think she makes some of the most wonderful polish. I debated on what to use and I drank my beer as snarfed down my loaf of bread from Panera (while I’m trying to be low carb-yeah, really) and knew that these polishes would be the ones.

I used colors from her Winter collection. She formulated these beauties based on snow and other icy things that she experiences in Colorado (which is a wonderful state for beer and bread, too) and the way the snow shimmers and ice shines. I used the following polishes:


  • Black Ice: Based off of a rather pesky night time icy occurrence. It’s an icy charcoal metallic holo that pulls slightly blue in certain lights.
  • Frosted: Taken from the idea of frosted window panes, now you can frost your own finger tips!ย Frosted is packed full of all things holo! Tons of holo glitter and a touch of holo pigment make this a stunning top coat!
  • Moonlit Snow: Based off of freshly fallen snow and how it sparkles in the light of the moon. A micro flakie top coat with silver, white, blue and purple flashes that adds shimmer and sparkle to whatever you are wearing.
  • Zoya Purity as a base for the accent nails
  • Base coat: Duri Rejuvacote
  • Top Coat: CND Vinylux

I think I pretty much nailed it for looking like the incoming cold weather and storms, but I’ll let you decide:

e_a_one easnow4 easnow3 e_a_two

As you can see, Black Ice gives off a subtle, gorgeous holo with a metallic finish. I think Impending Snow would have been fine without frosted, but together they make magic. The flakies and slight off white glow to the polish with frosted over it make it so unique, plus can we really have too much holo in a mani? The answer is no. Always no.

Application was a breeze. The brushes seem large, but they have no drag and apply very smoothly to the nail and the formula isn’t runny at all. In fact, the formula is pretty much perfect. It goes on quickly without streaks and dries just as quickly. I used two coats of Black Ice, Two Coats of Moonlit Snow, and one coat of Frosted.

I’d do wear time, but painting my nails is my therapy and if I could I’dย  be paining my nails constantly.

Also, I know there is a small amount of tips showing on my accent nails. I’m wearing flannel pants (did I mention it was cold?) and my butt itched. I forget that CND has a bit of a longer drying time that what I usually use, so the result happen. Sorry I’m not sorry, my itch was scratched and it was satisfying.

To end my rambling, I give these polishes 5 out of 5 blades for my rating system that I just made up.


Plus, they have a new collection coming out soon, and my goodness, is it amazing looking.

Hit me up if you have questions!



  • These polishes are super pretty, and I love your mani! I agree, there is no such thing as too much holo.

    • Polished Pathology

      ALL THE HOLO! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Itches much be scratched!! Love the combination you used. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Polished Pathology

      Thank you! I only rarely do same color manis…I have so many colors I love to see what combos I can come up with!

  • Gorgeous!

    • Polished Pathology

      Thank you, Anne!

  • You waited til now to blog why? Your nails look fab & I’m looking forward to more posts!
    P.S. You might want to add Bloglovin to your follow options. <3

    • Polished Pathology

      Thank you, thank you! I do have a bloglovin, it’s right underneat the “follow me” box. I will be changing it to have all of the links in one box ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Somehow I missed it. I looked you up on BL so I could follow you. I’m slow, but I get there. LOL

        • Polished Pathology

          It wasn’t in the area it is now, so you’re totally fine! I feel like throwing a party for everyone who says they follow me, haha! ๐Ÿ™‚

          • That’s what give-a-ways are for…celebrating blogging milestones like 100 followers, 100 posts, 1st year blog-aversary. LOL

  • 5 out of 5 blades, would read again! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Polished Pathology

      Thank you! <3