Throwback Thursday

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Hey, Thursday got away from me, but good news I only have two classes tomorrow so I can show you what amazing nail mail I got in today! For now, take a look at some of my old manis!

1) Elevation SBP Caspian (grey) and Emerald & Ash Impending Snow


2) Super Black Tzarina (purple) and Lilypad Lacquer Indigo Love (accent)


3) Liquid Lacquer Firestarter and Literary Lacquer Greatest Treasure



4) WingDust Day Dreamer and A England Dancing with Nureyev


5) Lilypad Lacquer Fairy Footprints and Violet Moon


These were all part of a 30 day untried challenge that I did in January. Hope you all enjoyed the walk down memory lane! Check back tomorrow for a post that contains Big Spoon Lacquers!


  • No 80s song?! I am disappoint. The manis never disappoint though, they are all gorgeous 😀

    • Polished Pathology

      I will make it up to you, I PROMISE YOU.

  • Every time I try to convince myself I don’t need any more Lilypad Lacquers, I see swatches and I know I’m lying. Indigo Love is possibly the most perfect blue holo I have ever seen! And Fairy Footprints?! *DROOL*

    • Polished Pathology

      Yeah, I got out of the habit of convincing myself I didn’t need more polish a long time ago. My wallet, on the other hand….