WingDust, These Broken Wings

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First, do yourself a favor and listen to this immediately, or keep it on repeat in the background while you read this post. When I first saw Steph’s pictures for this polish, this song was stuck in my head for about three days and inspired me to make an 80’s pandora station that I am still listening to. You really should watch the video, because it’s hilarious and it has a cocky bird at the end.

Whatever annoyances the song does for you is more than made up when you see how absolutely gorgeous this polish is. Seriously. Look at it.

This is the description, taken from Steph’s Etsy page:

Take these broken wings…. and learn to fly.

Soft lilac base that can look grey or periwinkle in different lights, linear holo, iridescent and silver flakes, 12 kt white gold leaf and a hint of aqua shimmer.

The formula is a bit sheer, but 2 coats will get you to a soft ethereal look. All swatches show 3 thin coats, but you can achieve full coverage in 2 for a softer more transparent effect. As with any polish including shreds, careful application is key but you will find this beauty surprisingly easy to apply.

This polish is packed with as much awesome as the music video I told you to watch (you really should). Seriously, the video has a ton of random weird shots, including dancing legs, convertibles, and trench coats. Unlike the video, however, nothing is random about what is in this polish.

The flakies are incredible. Even in low light, you can see them catch the light at whatever angle your nails are. They blend so well with the base color, and really complement the silver and white gold leaf. It is a truly complex, beautiful polish that I think is made of magic.

bottleshotfull-shot fullshotb  nameshot

fullshote macro

I used three thin coats in the photos. I’ve had experience with her polishes before, and I’ve learned that three thin coats are always the best. The flakies do tend to stand out from the base a little bit, but nothing that two coats of gelous didn’t fix. I honestly had no problem with the application, but remember it’s a jelly full of awesome so thin coats work better! As always, I have only good things to say about Steph’s polish, I have loved every single one I’ve ordered from her.

I rate this polish 10/10 broken wings, that I then used to learn to fly again.

Check out Steph’s Etsy page here and her Facebook page here.

Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for my next path post which will be a three part series about kidneys!


Disclaimer: I listened to Broken Wings on repeat while I made this post. I don’t know what’s wrong with me.

  • 80’s music is my favorite, please pair every post with a classic from my the best decade. Loved the mani, too!

    • Polished Pathology

      I SHOULD! I see a lot of Cyndi Lauper in the future…

  • That music video is strange. And now that song will be stuck in my head for no less than two weeks.

    This polish is reaaallly pretty! All I can think about when I look at it is faeries. It’s so soft and delicate!

    • Polished Pathology

      It is very soft and delicate, I think it’s a must have for everyone 🙂

  • glitterpants

    Gosh! I can’t believe I missed this one. I really hope she brings it back! Love it & your swatches are beautiful!