Ice Polish Ariel and Ursula

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Happy Wednesday!

Today I have some colors from Ice Polish “Dreams Come True….Not if I can help it!” collection based off various Disney Princesses and Villains. I’ve known the maker for a while, and when she decided to start blending I was so excited! I knew she would come out with some amazing colors, and she totally has!

First up is Ariel, which is described as:

Ariel is an orange-leaning coral holographic nail polish with green microflakies and shimmer. 

ariel_full airel_side ariel_name ariel_sun

This color pulled more red with my skin tone, but that doesn’t matter because I am absolutely loving it! I love the holographic shimmer in it, plus the base color is so great. The formula was awesome. I have been doing three thin coats lately, because it’s been really hot and humid where I live, and I think it just sets the polish a little better. Her formula goes on so smooth and dries quickly, which is always a HUGE plus in my book.

ariel_macrob ariel_macroThe top macro I wanted to show more of the hidden flakies, the bottom macro is color accurate.

Next up is of course, Ursula!

Ursula is a dark, steely purple holographic polish with black microflakies. 

ursula_full ursula_side ursula_name

ursula_sunAs you can see, the sun totally brings out a different dimension to this polish that makes it an absolute stunner. As with all polishes with flakies, this one is a bit thicker but it can be thinned down to your preference. However, I have a lot of practice working with flakies so I didn’t have an issues, and this is two coats. That holo shimmer…..

ursula_macrob ursula_macro

You can see more of the flakies in these macros, top macro is to show the flakies, bottom macro is to show the shimmer. It’s amazing!

For my artwork I really wanted to go kind of an abstract, minimalist, interpretative style. I don’t know if it really came out that way, but I like the final products!


Artwork for Ariel: Index Ariel, two middle Nixie Tears by Alchemy Lacquers, Pinkie Hunter’s Helper from Finger Lickin’ Lacquer and gold glitter is Solar Flare from Digital Nails. I lent someone my plate with actual scales so I had to use a backup, and yes I know it looks like ribs…but I kinda like it.


ursula_Art_fullWhat’s Ursula without her two trusty sidekicks, Flotsam and Jetsam? 🙂 Index and Middle are Ursula with Bundle Monster stamping, ring and pinkie are Urban Lacquer One Eyed Dragon over Pahlish A Custom Job.

So, what do you guys think?



  • Once again, you totally slayed the artwork on these! I can’t get enough of those octopus arms, and the fact that it’s over Ursula just warms my Disney-loving soul.

    This is me writing my own comments.

    • Polished Pathology

      Thanks, Kendahl!

    • Thanks so much! 🙂

  • Love the art at the end!