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Hey guys!

I have a few updates to give you all today before my Monday post! I posted this on Facebook last night, but the things remain the same so here is  the post!

1– I will be posing five days a week, Mon-Fri. I am leaving the weekends open for events that may arise, such as new collection releases, challenges, contests, giveaways, etc. But mainly, I will be posting Mon-Fri

2-The first Friday of every month will be PATHOLOGY DAY! This is where I will talk about interesting cases I see, body parts, my life in general, things that I think are cool. I will be keeping up with the other half of my blog name, but for those who aren’t interested you can skip the first Friday of the month 

3-The second Friday of the month will be a reader based mani! This is where I will have a poll going where you can submit the polishes from my stash you want to see me try on or some sort of artwork with it, etc etc. I want to make this more interactive and show exactly what you want to see!

4– The third Friday of the month will be CONTEST DAY!! This is where I will host a monthly challenge, and those who participate will be entered into a raffle for a chance to win a $15 gift certificate to a maker of my choosing. It might even be for Amazon, it really depends on my mood. This contest will only be accessible through Facebook, so make sure you mark your calendars!

5– The fourth Friday of the month is still up in the air—I’m working out some kinks but I will keep you guys updated when I get it all set up and working!

6– My blog posts will now have a more cohesive rating over polishes I swatch, and will include a set checklist so I can stay more streamlined with my reviews and it will be easier to gather information for you readers.

So, that’s it so far! What do you guys think about the changes/things I set up? Don’t worry about keeping the Friday’s straight, I will be very clear about my posts and give frequent reminders! It just helps me stay more organized as well, and I want to make sure I am keeping current and updated with the posts I do. Don’t forget to check out my next post with new colors from an upcoming line from Finger Lickin’ Lacquer!


  • I’m reallllllly excited for pathology days!