Black Dahlia Lacquer Leaf by Leaf Collection – Part 1

Black Dahlia Lacquer Leaf by Leaf Collection – Part 1 – Press Sample

Happy Saturday you guys! I am still in Boston so this post is a scheduled post, as well as the one tomorrow (part 2). I have had this collection in my possession for several weeks now, and it’s been totally my fault as I have dropped the ball and let you guys down! Well, now that I will be back home full time (maybe, I hope!) for the foreseeable future, it lets me catch up on all of these swatches! For now, I have the Black Dahlia Lacquer Leaf by Leaf Collection – Part 1 swatches to show you…and as these are my first of the brand and I’m in love!

Let’s get to the swatches!

rp black-dahlia-lacquers-rose-petals-full black-dahlia-lacquers-rose-petals-name

Formula/Application: The formula was thinner, but nothing that flooded my cuticles or made things difficult to apply. Application was good, no pulling or streaking of the jelly base.

Coverage: Near opacity in two coats

Color: Raspberry/rose pink jelly with color shifting flakies that shift from red to orange to yellow

Finish: Jelly flakie

Notes: Such a gorgeous polish. I love how it looks with my skin tone, and although I couldn’t capture the color shift of the flakies in the photos, you can see the subtle shift in real life. Jelly polishes are hard to master, and this one was perfect!


thblack-dahlia-lacquers-teal-hydragena-full black-dahlia-lacquers-teal-hydragena-name

Formula/Application: Again, the formula was a little thinner than I have been used to with indies, but still no issues to report. Application was amazing, no streaking or pulling as I layered!

Coverage: Near opacity in two coats

Color: Mint Teal

Finish: Crelly

Notes: A teal that doesn’t stain!! HALLELUJAH!


SP black-dahlia-lacquers-striped-peonies-full black-dahlia-lacquers-striped-peonies-name


Formula/Application: Such a wonderful formula and application, no issues to report!

Coverage: Opacity in two coats

Color: Plum crelly with gold, rose and blue flakies, and glass flecks that shift from turquoise to violet to red

Finish: Crelly flakie

Notes: My camera for some reason didn’t want to focus on the actual color for this polish. I adjusted it to get the best color accuracy I could, and that made my skin tone suffer a bit. However, the polish is gorgeous! Those turquoise flakies make it so unique and beautiful!


gtto black-dahlia-lacquers-grey-twilight-organza-full black-dahlia-lacquers-grey-twilight-organza-fun

Formula/Application: This polish really surprised me. It has a lot of large glitters, and my experience with those polishes is that the glitters tend to sink to the bottom. I was expecting to have to hold the bottle upside down or to dunk a lot for the glitters…and I didn’t have to! I was really excited about that! The formula is still good and a little bit thicker than the other colors. I did a light application because I didn’t want to drag the glitters to the top of my nail.

Coverage: Opacity in two coats

Color: Medium grey crelly with large holo red and violet dots, and small and large holo silver hex glitter

Finish: Crelly multi-glitter

Notes: I love this grey. I think this grey base is a perfect color and I love the unique combination of glitter. I think this is a ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’ type of polish, because I really fell in love with it when I put it on! I sealed in the glitter with a coat of Gelous and a coat of Seche.


Base Coat: Zeva Triple Strength Nail foundation

Top Coat: Darling Diva Pryzmatic PETC, unless otherwise noted



I wanted to do some flora artwork with black and white chevrons with these colors. I love the stark contrast of the black and white, with the delicate colors/combinations of the polishes and floral nail art. I used water decals from Born Pretty for these, and nail vinyls from

black-dahlia-lacquers-art-4-full black-dahlia-lacquers-art-2-full



So, what did you think about the Black Dahlia Lacquer Leaf by Leaf Collection – Part 1? I’ve had these hidden from you guys for far too long…these were released back in April! But, they’re still amazing polishes and you still need to pick them up. Be sure to visit her social medial sites and give her a follow, while also checking out her shop! She sells mini bottles, too!

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  • Teal Hydrangea is right up my alley! Lovely manicures!

    • Thank you so much! Teal Hydrangea is a great color!

  • PhD in Nail Polish

    I am so curious about this brand- thanks for all the details, especiaally on the formula and application. I might have to pull the trigger on these!

    • You should! Which ones are you thinking of? 🙂

  • Such a lovely collection, looking forward to seeing the remaining polishes! I’ve been meaning to try Black Dahlia for months now but get so overwhelmed and indecisive perusing their site lol!

    • There are so many gorgeous colors I don’t know how to choose, either!

  • Rose Petals and Striped Peonies. I need those. A whole lot.

    • They are incredible, I was blown away by how much I love them!