Black Dahlia Lacquer Leaf by Leaf Collection – Part 2

Black Dahlia Lacquer Leaf by Leaf Collection – Part 2 – Press Sample

SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY! I just got back from Boston, so again this is a scheduled post 🙂 Hope you guys don’t mind those! Since I have no idea what will happen in the future, I don’t know what to write about…so let’s get to the polishes!


SL black-dahlia-lacquers-speckled-lilac-full black-dahlia-lacquers-speckled-lilac-name-full

Formula/Application: The formula was perfect, with the amount of glitter in the polish I expected it to be a little thicker but it wasn’t, it was perfectly distributed. Application was great, the glitters went on evenly and didn’t clump anywhere.

Coverage: Near opacity in two coats

Color: Pale lilac crelly with small matte mint hexes, light blue and aqua squares, periwinkle hexes and small metallic purple glitter

Finish: Crelly glitter

Notes: Oh my gosh, my favorite thing about this polish is the flash of mint. This is a delicately beautiful polish, it’s definitely one of my top pics out of the bunch. SO pretty!


explosion black-dahlia-lacquers-dandelion-explosion-full black-dahlia-lacquers-dandelion-explosion-name

Formula/Application: Good formula, I modified my application to apply more slowly and with a flatter brush so I didn’t clump the glitter towards the tips of my nails.

Coverage: Near opacity in two coats

Color: Bright coral red-orange jelly with matte mustard yellow and orange hexes in a variety of sizes and a splash of hot pink matte squares

Finish: Jelly glitter

Notes: I LOVE coral! And the glitter mix is perfect with the base color, and I just think it’s really fun!

go black-dahlia-lacquers-glass-orchid-full black-dahlia-lacquers-glass-orchid-name

Formula/Application: Great formula and application, no issues to report!

Coverage: Near opacity in two coats

Color: Bright blue-green jelly with holographic aqua and navy glitter in an assortment of sizes

Finish: Jelly glitter

Notes: Oh my gosh, this polish is so squishy and so incredible. It reminds me of a lagoon!


gh black-dahlia-lacquers-grape-hyacinth-full black-dahlia-lacquers-grape-hyacinth-name


Formula/Application: Great formula and application, again, no issues to report!

Coverage: Opaque in two coats

Color:  Full coverage glitter in a violet jelly packed with blue, aqua and green holo glitter, with accents of purple, iridescent blue-purple and silver glitter, and lavender shimmer

Finish: Slightly texture glitter

Notes: This is just so much fun! I love the color combination together, and who doesn’t like baby glitter everything? I thought removal would be bad, but it didn’t sandpaper my felt pad, so that’s another plus for me.


Base Coat: Zeva Triple Strength Nail foundation

Top Coat: Darling Diva Pryzmatic PETC, unless otherwise noted


Art Work! black-dahlia-lacquers-art-3-full black-dahlia-lacquers-art-1-full


I again went with the black and white chevron in different patterns, and I decided to do some stamping decals. I used some floral moyou plates (I don’t have my plates with me right now so I can’t check) and I really like how they turned out.

So, what did you think about the Black Dahlia Lacquer Leaf by Leaf Collection – Part 2? Be sure to visit her social medial sites and give her a follow, while also checking out her shop! She sells mini bottles, too! Also, she released another collection at the same time that looks absolutely gorgeous as well, be sure to check out xoxoJen for her Holo Petals collection!

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  • Speckled Lilac is so pretty! I just love the mix of colors and glitters!

  • Jenne these swatches and the art is beautiful! Black Dahlia is one of my favorite newer brands. Their bottles are so unique and colors seem to be well thought out, too. Great job!

    • Thank you so much! These were my first BDL, but definitely not my last. <3

  • Love your flower art. Speckled Lilac is my favorite. Soo many new indies to try!

    • It’s one of my favorites too, but I really enjoyed them all! I know, it gets almost overwhelming with how many quality brands are out there!

  • I love the color combo of Speckled Lilac. That mint is to die for! Glass Orchid needs lilypads on top of it. And holy gods, Grape Hyacinth. NEED.

  • Both nailarts look really great and compliment the actual shades!

  • I just bought my first BDL off of a blog sale, I can’t wait to try it! I love that last nail art look you did. Anything with black & white is winning for me.

    • Isn’t it so fun? It’s basic but can be used with almost anything. Which one did you get?

      • Holiday Heather–it is so gorgeous with the holo and subtle blue shimmah! I see more in my future.

  • Courtney Walker

    These are all lovely!

    • Thanks, my love! I really love what she comes out with!