Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Poolside Paradise Collection

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Poolside Paradise Collection – Press Sample

Hey guys! Today I have three gorgeous summer shades to share with you from the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel line. I still love my mainstreams, and who didn’t start off their polish collection with some Sally Hansen’s back in the day? This was my first time using the Miracle Gel line, so let’s get to the colors!

sally-hansen-miracle-gel-lip-palm-full sally-hansen-miracle-gel-lip-palm-side sally-hansen-miracle-gel-lip-palm-name

Formula/Application: I had no issues with the formula, but application was a bit different with this one. I ended up doing a thicker coat with a VERY light application, barely touching the brush to my nails. I did two coats this way, then a thinner firmer application for the third coat.

Coverage: Opaque in three coats

Color: Teal Green

Finish: Crelly

Notes: I really like this color, and once I got used to the application style I was really happy with the finished look. I wore them for a week on my non-swatch hand, and they held up great! Minimal chipping and only slight wear at the tips.

sally-hansen-miracle-gel-pink-a-colada-full sally-hansen-miracle-gel-pink-a-colada-side sally-hansen-miracle-gel-pink-a-colada-name

Formula/Application: Same formula/application as Lip Palm

Coverage: Opaque in three coats

Color: Cotton candy pink

Finish: Crelly

Notes: This pink is so delicate and pretty, I’m in love!


sally-hansen-miracle-gel-morning-sunshine-full sally-hansen-miracle-gel-morning-sunshine-side sally-hansen-miracle-gel-morning-sunshine-name

Formula/Application: Same formula/application as Lip Palm and Pink-a-Colada

Coverage: Opaque in three coats

Color: Buttercup Yellow

Finish: Crelly

Notes: A non streaky yellow! This color is so bright and so fun, I think I’m going to wear it all summer! 🙂


Nail Art! Stamping with Lip Palm was great over Morning, Sunshine!



Base Coat: Zeva Triple Strength Nail Foundation

Top Coat: Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Top Coat


Official Press Release:


Swim season is coming, and with it comes Poolside Paradise: seven new shades of Sally Hansen Miracle Gel™. These fresh colors capture the bright hues of summer in the breakthrough Miracle Gel™ formula that has had everyone buzzing since its launch last year!

A revolutionary development in nail color, Miracle Gel™ is the only true two-step, at-home gel manicure with no light needed. Simply apply the Miracle Gel™ color of your choice, then follow with Miracle Gel™ Top Coat. The polish is cured by natural light, so there’s no need for a UV or LED lamp. Enjoy up to 14 days of color and shine, and then remove with regular nail-polish remover. (No soak—no joke!)

Available for a limited time only, the Poolside Paradise collection comprises seven vivid, sunny-day shades:

Life’s A Peach: Not quite neon but far beyond basic, this creamy red-orange is a fashion-girl fave.


 Dive Bar: Let your manicure make a splash by donning this true cerulean blue.


Rum Punch: Our #1 pedicure pick: a super-saturated, on-trend deep pink.



Swimsical: The truest teal, this show-stopping shade is practically made for sun-soaked days.



PRICE & AVAILABILITY: The limited-edition Poolside Paradise collection, SRP $9.99, will be available beginning May 2015 at chain drugstores and mass retailers nationwide.


So, what do you guys think of the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel summer LE’s? Any colors catch your eye? 🙂

  • Such pretty colors! I love Lip Palm!

    • Thank you! Lip Palm is one of my favorites, too.

  • Melissa

    I always skip mainstreams these days but I still think they’re the best for water marbles. Maybe I’ll check these out!

    • I don’t think these would be good for watermarbling, but I think I will get some more of these for my vacation nails! 🙂

  • I love the name Lip Palm haha! Cute colors! I’m still big on mainstreams even though I like my indies! I have tried this line yet 🙂

    • I have been loving what some of the mainstreams are coming out with lately!

  • Great swatches! Love how clear your pictures are. These polishes really so seem to have that gel shine finish.

  • Naked Without Polish

    How much fun is that yellow?! Great colors, but I can’t say I’ve heard anything good about these. Everyone seems to be complaining that they peel right off. Have you done a longevity test?

    • I did a wear test on my non-swatch hand, and they lasted a week with minimal chipping and wear tear. I have never had a problem with things lasting, though, so it could just be my experience. I do tend to swipe my nails down with alcohol before I plan on wearing a manicure a long time, so maybe that helps?

      • Naked Without Polish

        All those complaining could easily be people who don’t take care of their nails and just want a quick fix. lol

        • Haha, right? I’m one of those stubborn people that will try to make something work for me, even if I’ve seen bad reviews on things, just to see what sort of magic it takes to get it to work. I didn’t have to do anything drastically different with these. I think people just see something different and freak out a little bit.

  • I really like the colors in the collection. Morning, Sunshine! looks incredible on you. You can rock yellows.

    Can you believe that I’ve never purchased a Sally Hansen? I have a few that were gifted to me, but I’ve never actually bought one for myself. Wet N Wild and Old Navy polishes were my gateway.

    • Sally Hansens are so much fun! You need to go get a few, haha!

  • Jen Sky Walker

    All the colours look nice, but I LOVE Lip Palm! It’s so pretty!

    • I was the most happy with that one, as far as opacity wise. It’s such a cool leaning teal, it made me happy! 🙂

  • Shawna Harrold

    Love the creaminess of these!!! They all stand out!

  • I’m surprised that these all took 3 coats, I would have guessed they were more opaque than that. I love Morning Sunshine! It looks like a great yellow for summer.

    • I thought so too, by the look of the bottle, and was kinda surprised by the three coats as well. Maybe the Gel line is sheer so building it up creates a longer lasting look?

  • I cannot get myself to try out their gel line for some reason. Though the summer polishes might change my mind because the colors look gorgeous.

    • This was my first time with them. I liked them, but I really don’t need a long lasting manicure. I change mine all the time! 🙂

  • PhD in Nail Polish

    Lip Palm looks fantastic on you! I haven’t tried the gel-type line- do you see a big difference?