Ever After Polish I’ve Got the Magic in Me Collection

Ever After Polish I’ve Got the Magic in Me Collection – Press Sample

Well happy Thursday! Tomorrow I start my new job, and I’m pretty excited for it. It will be the first time in three years I’ll be employed, and I can not WAIT! Also, I finalized most everything for Cosmoprof this year, and I know it’s going to be a blast. I can’t wait to meet all the fabulous people I’ve gotten to know in the nail and beauty communities! Anyway, I have an amazing new collection to show you, the Ever After Polish I’ve Got the Magic in Me Collection. I’ve been so impressed with watching this brand grow, every collection has been unique and brought something different to the indie nail table. This seven-piece collection is filled with some gorgeous colors, so lets get to the polishes!


tarzan ever-after-polis-tarzans-vine-bottle-full ever-after-polish-tarzans-vine-full ever-after-polish-tarzans-vine-side ever-after-polish-tarzans-vine-name

Formula/Application: Formula and application were great, no issues to report!

Coverage: Opaque in two coats

Color: Green with teal green and gold flakes

Finish: Crelly holo flakie

Notes: Did you just fall in love? I know I did. Holy COW is this incredible!


rhinestone ever-after-polish-rhinestone-cowboy-bottle-full ever-after-polish-rhinestone-cowboy-full ever-after-polish-rhinestone-cowboy-side ever-after-polish-rhinestone-cowboy-name

Formula/Application: Again, no issues with formula or application. Went on perfectly!

Coverage: Opaque in two coats

Color: Raspberry base with turquoise/pink color shifting shimmer

Finish: Crelly holo shimmer

Notes: Oh man. Oh man. I absolutely love this color and how perfectly the flakies blend with the polish. I love when holos aren’t just holos, and this one is truly incredible!


ever-after-polish-firemans-hose-bottle-full ever-after-polish-firemans-hose-full ever-after-polish-firemans-hose-side ever-after-polish-firemans-hose-name ever-after-polish-firemans-hose-macro-full

Closer look to show how amazing the polish is!

Formula/Application: This jelly was a tiny bit sticky, but not enough to affect application. The formula was great, and I just applied a little lighter than I normally do, and it came out fine!

Coverage: Near opacity in two coats

Color: Cherry red base with silver mica flakies and gold flakies, with a pink flash

Finish: Jelly flakie

Notes: Again, another winner in this collection. I love them all so far, and I think this is their best collection as of yet


pole ever-after-polish-pole-dancing-bottle-full ever-after-polish-pole-dancing-full ever-after-polish-pole-dancing-side ever-after-polish-pole-dancing-name-full

Formula/Application: This formula is thick, you can probably be good with one thick coat. I like to do more thinner coats, so I chose to do two. However, application was great!

Coverage: Opaque in one thick coat, two thinner coats

Color: Grey/Blue base with strong turquoise shimmer and holo

Finish: Crelly shift holo

Notes: Ok, so, this color is pretty wonderful, and I don’t think I have another color in my collection that looks like this. It’s gorgeous!


flesh-popsicle ever-after-polish-flesh-popsicle-bottle-full ever-after-polish-flesh-popsicle-full ever-after-polish-flesh-popsicle-name ever-after-polish-flesh-popsicle-side

Formula/Application: Another wonderful formula, not too think or thick, and application was great

Coverage: Opaque in three thin coats

Color: Nude with copper flakies

Finish: Crelly holo flakie

Notes: I really like how subtle the holo is in this color. I think sometimes holo can overshadow polishes, and the low density holo really allows the flakies to pop out, while keeping the base nude color.


police ever-after-polish-policemans-helmet-bottle-full ever-after-polish-policemens-helmet-full ever-after-polish-policemens-helmet-side ever-after-polish-policemens-helmet-name ever-after-polish-policemens-helmet-macro-full

Another close look…I LOVE the mica flakies!

Formula/Application: Same as Firefighers Hose, a tiny bit sticky but overall wonderful

Coverage: Near opacity in two coats

Color: Blue with silver mica flakies and turquoise holo micro shimmer

Finish: Jelyl flakie shimmer

Notes: Another absolute win, it’s so gorgeous


banana-hammock ever-after-polish-banana-hammock-bottle-full ever-after-polish-banana-hammock-full ever-after-polish-banana-hammock-side ever-after-polish-banana-hammock-name

Formula/Application: Formula was perfect, application with the larger glitters went great. I didn’t have to spot place the glitters at all

Coverage: Opaque in three thin coats

Color: Champagne gold with gold holo glitter and holo shimmer

Finish: Jelly glitter holo

Notes: I love champagne gold! I love the uniqueness of the large gold holo glitters and the dimension it adds to the polish. This polish is going to be an excellent versatile color in my collection!


Base Coat: Zeva Triple Strength Nail Guard

Top Coat: Darling Diva Pryzmatic PETC


Art work!


I did the blobbicure method for this. I did one thin coat of Pole Dancing and let it dry. Then I did a thicker coat of it, and dropped ‘blobs’ of Policemens Helmet and Firefighters Hose onto Pole Dancer. Then I used the thickest straight nail vinyl from Nail Vinyls for the index and pinkie finger. I love how it turned out! Very abstract.


I used thin straights from Nail Vinyls with Tarzans Vine and Rhinestone Cowboy for this look.


Here’s a nice holo shot 🙂 I did a gradient of Tarzans Vine and Rhinestone Cowboy, along with some green rhinestones for this look.

ever-after-polish-art-2-fullI used all sized straights from Nail Vinyls and Flesh Popsicle and Banana Hammock for this look.


So, what do you guys think of the Ever After Polish I’ve got the Magic in Me Collection? It debuts tomorrow (June 12, 2015) at 8 pm EST. Be sure to check out their social media to give them a follow, as well as their shop to purchase your own! These polishes range from $10-$11 for full sized colors.

Ever After Polish Big Cartel Site | Facebook | Instagram

Also! Don’t forget to check out their body care line. I’ve so far used a mani bomb and the hand scrub. The hand scrub was nice, it did leave an oily residue on my hand however. That’s not a bad thing, because it’s supposed to be a ‘spa’ treatment, but I needed to use my hands right after so I ended up washing them. Even after washing them, they were really soft and felt nice. The mani bomb was a nice soak as well, it left my nails and fingers feeling clean and moisturized. Go check them out!



  • This whole collection is fabulous. Banana Hammock is like enhanced sand. And Tarzans Vine? Just take my money now!

    • Oh, they really are. I absolutely LOVE every polish in this collection.

  • Nichole C

    gimme that banana hammock. Oh yeah.

  • This is such a gorgeous collection! I needzzz at least half of it!

    • Haha, start with one half, work up to the full set! 🙂

  • Melissa

    I need this entire collection. Every single one. Banana Hammock actually made me gasp out loud!

  • Damn your swatches are AMAZING!!! Hello?! I need every one of this collection. I’m buying this weekend, that is all.

  • The names! Hahaha! Seriously some gorgeous polishes here. Great swatches!

    • Thank you! Yeah, the names are pretty hysterical

  • Dammit, I JUST got this song out of my head! Augh.

    I just cannot with Flesh Popsicle. I’m giggling like a 10-year-old.

    • BUT! What if

      You’re welcome.

  • The names for this collection are fantastic! The more swatches I see the more I am convinced that I need to have these, especially Banana Hammock.

  • Great swatches! I’m loving Banana Hammock, Fireman’s Hose and Policeman’s Helmet!

    • The mica flakies are really unique, I love how she blended them into the polish.

  • The Polished Mommy

    Banana Hammock <3 great collection and I love the nail art.