Enchanted Polish Lost My Mind In A Sunrise and the best group of friends I know

Enchanted Polish Lost My Mind In A Sunrise – Gift

The nail community has been a interesting place for me. It has provided some really difficult times for me, as many of you know the nail world can be a little bit of drama. However, the friends I have made have FAR outshone the negative, and I am truly blessed to have found such an incredible network of friends. In February, I was gifted one of the most amazing things, Enchanted Polish Lost My Mind In A Sunrise. That’s always been the unicorn of unicorns for me, and 22 of my best ladies conspired to gift me this. To say I was shocked is an understatement, I was blown away by the thoughtfulness and generosity. I was given this polish to commemorate my graduation from grad school, and I saved it for a special occasion. Today is that day, the day where I start my new career.

I never imagined blogging and loving nail polish would bring me the friends it has. So, to Amy, An, Becki, Courtne, Elan, Jennifer, Kelsey, Michelle, Rebecca, Samantha, Stephanie, Amanda, Angie, Brandi, Boo, Emmalee, Karel, Kendahl, Raphaelle, Rebecca, Sheila, and Carrie: I love you ladies dearly, and you’re stuck with me! <3

sunrise bottle-shot-full enchanted-lost-my-mind-in-a-sunrise-full enchanted-lost-my-mind-in-a-sunrise-side enchanted-lost-my-mind-in-a-sunrise-hand-and-bottle enchanted-lost-my-mind-in-a-sunrise-name-full

Formula/Application: The formula is pretty sheer. Application was good, I applied thicker coats to build the color

Coverage: Near opacity in three coats

Color: Blue/teal lavender with strong lilac shift and holo shimmer

Finish: Sheer jelly holo

Notes: I can’t believe this is actually mine, and on my nails. Enchanted Polish Lost My Mind In A Sunrise is one of the most precious polishes I own, not because of the rarity, but because of the gift.


  • It is so, so, so, so pretty!

  • Amy L

    You have some awesome friends and this looks awesome on you!

  • This is so beautiful on you. Friends who care and love and support – well, they mean the world, don’t they? <3

  • Beautiful polish swatches, and congrats on grad school!! That’s awesome! =D