Alchemy Lacquers Swatch Spam

Alchemy Lacquers Swatch Spam – Press Samples

So, I have been following Alchemy Lacquers for a long time, and have always loved what she has put out. I love her style, and I love that she bases most of her polishes on ingredients used in alchemy (fantasy and real life). Her results are always stunning! The polishes I am going to show you now are equally as stunning and are from her Moon Shards collection. Plus, I have a fabulous new gilded to show you! Let’s get to the polishes!


deimos alchemy-lacquers-deimos-bottle-full alchemy-lacquers-deimos-full alchemy-lacquers-deimos-side alchemy-lacquers-deimos-name

Formula/Application: You would think that a polish that has this much packed into it, it would be a thick formula. Not at all, guys. This polish was just right, not too thick or too thin, it went on smoothly and I had no issues fighting with the flakes to even out on the nail.

Coverage: Opaque in two coats. The first coat I did a bit thinner, the second coat I did thicker.

Color: Purple base with purple shift, multichrome flakes and slight holo shimmer

Finish: Multichrome flake holo

Notes: I really like the look of the purple and green/pink flakes together. You can see the pink shift on my ring finger the best, I think. So much awesome is packed into this polish!


hyperion alchemy-lacquers-hyperion-bottle-full alchemy-lacquers-hyperion-full alchemy-lacquers-hyperion-side alchemy-lacquers-hyperion-name

Formula/Application: Same formula as Deimos, no issues to report

Coverage: Opaque in two coats. I again did a thinner first coat, thicker second coat.

Color: Iridescent base with purple/pink shift, multichrome flakes and slight holo shimmer

Finish: Multichrome flake holo

Notes: I can’t form coherent thoughts when I look at this polish. It’s perfect.


chiron alchemy-lacquers-chiron-bottle-full alchemy-lacquers-chiron-full alchemy-lacquers-chiron-sidel alchemy-lacquers-chiron-namealchemy-lacquers-chiron1-full

Formula/Application: The shimmer in this one made it a tiny bit sticky, so don’t dilly dally on application.

Coverage: Make sure to wrap your tips! Full coverage on two coats, but if you don’t wrap your tips you will see some nail edge showing

Color: Dark purple jelly with multichrome flakes that transition from yellow to orange to fuchsia to green and a strong purple/pink shimmer

Finish: Multichrome flake shimmer

Notes: This is like the perfect marriage of Fantasy Fire, Nubar Peacock Feathers, and multichrome flakes. This polish is SO shifty.


hibiscus alchemy-lacquers-gilded-hibiscus-bottle-full alchemy-lacquers-gilded-hibiscus-full alchemy-lacquers-gilded-hibiscus-side alchemy-lacquers-gilded-hibiscus-name

Formula/Application: In the past the gildeds have been thicker so that is what I was expecting with this polish. However, this gilded is thinner and application was great! The glitters went on easily and I didn’t have to dab them around.

Coverage: Opaque in two coats, again the first coat was thinner and the second coat was thicker

Color: Bright pink base with gold microflakes and pink and orange hex glitter in varying sizes

Finish: Jelly microflake shimmer glitter

Notes: I love her gildeds, I love the microflake gold shimmer SO much in all of them! I think that’s such a unique way to do a polish line!


So, what do you guys think of my Alchemy Lacquers swatch spam? Do you guys have any of her colors yet? She has been putting out some amazing colors lately, be sure to check Alchemy Lacquers out using the links below!

Alchemy Lacquers Etsy site | Facebook | Instagram | Facebook Fan Page

  • Easily one of my favorite indies. I have about a dozen of hers and plenty more on my wish list! Beautiful swatches!

  • Melissa

    OMG! Gilded is perfection in a bottle. I have been looking for a pink with orange shimmer forever!

  • Nichole C

    I wish to paint my entire person with Gilded Hibiscus please.

    • Karel/Relly H.

      And Gilded Glowworm! That one is awesome too!

  • kendahl

    Okay, full white girl:


    These are absolutely stunning. Especially Chiron.

  • Amy L

    I’m in love with Gilded Hibiscus! That one is SOOO pretty!

  • Karel/Relly H.

    As always I need ALL THE GILDEDS! Love these!

  • Tracey

    These are all amazing ????

  • Chiron is awesome! It reminds me of the uptown from color club!

  • Shawna Harrold

    It’s decided – Deimos must be mine!!! I love AL too, they’re seriously so gorgeous!

  • Lacqueredmama

    Oh! Deimos is perfection, though I love them all!

  • Jennifer Mayhall

    These are all gorgeous but Chiron is just magical! I love that the bases are so complimentary to the flakies on all of these, stunning!

  • Very beautiful swatches!