3 Step Tuesday Nail Art – January 19 2016

3 Step Tuesday Nail Art – January 19 2016

Agh! I keep writing 2015! Maybe by July I’ll  have it down. Anyway, on to the 3rd installment of 3 Step Tuesday Nail Art! I’m proud of myself that I’ve kept up with this, because for one I am a giant procrastinator and for two I’ve been studying for my certification exam and that has been taking 99% of my free time. I’m excited to be done with it, soon! Anyway, on to the nail art!

3step rose



1.) Scofflaw Kidnapped by Vikings

2.) Scofflaw Moriarty

3.) Single Chevron Nail Vinyl and Swirly Vinyl (not pictured and no idea where from. Makers, PLEASE put logo stickers on the back of your sheets!!)


Get your nails prepped! I used Moriarty on the index and pinkie, Kidnapped by Vikings on middle fingers. I did two coats, topped with quick dry top coat and let fully dry.



This one was a little tricky. I knew I wanted to get a BIG abstract rose, but I didn’t want to have to resort to a stamp because I wanted to use Moriarty over Kidnapped by Vikings, and it wouldn’t be thick enough. Well, I took a gamble that I could get the look I wanted by combining two vinyls. I laid the chevron down first about the middle of my nails, then carefully placed the swirly over it, with the inner swirl blocked out by the chevron.  I dabbed Moriarty over it with the brush. You could use a sponge application, but the brush worked well for me.



I dabbed Moriarty over it with the brush. You could use a sponge application, but the brush worked well for me. Remove the vinyls immediately after application, and done! I think I definitely got the look I was going for, and I love both of these colors together.

So, what do you guys think of this latest 3 step Nail Art Tuesday? Please let me know in the comments!

  • Melissa

    Your eye for this stuff is amazing! I never would have thought to combine those decals to make a rose!

  • Combining the decals is very inventive. Great, bright pics for the tutorial:)

  • These are so cool! I’ve never combined two different kinds of decals in one mani before 🙂

  • What a clever idea! Great way to use vinyls 🙂

  • marciaf

    I see a smiley face. I love the Scofflaw polishes you started with.

  • Hah how pretty! I would have never thought to combine them. Very lovely look!

  • christina

    It seems easy ish enough and I love the color combo!! Yes, I do wish makers of vinyls would put their name on the backs. When I use one up because I’m a sloppy mess, I have NO CLUE where to order more!! Awesome post, I love that you make a nail art newbie feel like I can do it.

  • Wow I love this idea!! And the outcome is so perfect!!

  • Jen Sky Walker

    Whoa! I never thought to combine these two vinyls together to get roses like this! Very cool! As for as labels, few do it, and I always write the name on the back when I get mine so I know!

  • Tracey

    So clever and completely stunning x

  • Naked Without Polish

    I really like this! Glad you did the tutorial.

  • Nichole C

    this is freaking brilliant.

  • This is so awesome! Genius idea to combine those vinyls! Good luck with your certification!

  • I love the idea of abstract roses. It never dawned on me to combine vinyls to get a different look. I think this might be my favorite 3 step tutorial so far.

  • I absolutely love this! I never would of thought of combining vinyls and making a rose shape!

  • Oh that’s different and I love it! Great way to use vinyls!

  • lacquerexpression

    These are pretty neat! I’ll have to try these!

  • This is cute. I can barely use one vinyl, let alone 2 though lol

  • This is adorable!

  • oo very pretty and different.