3 Step Tuesday Nail Art – Gradient Paisley Stamp

3 Step Tuesday Nail Art – Gradient Paisley Stamp

Hey hey! Today I have a fun mani to show you. I’ve been playing around with gradients (ombres? gradients? gradient ombres?) for a while now, and I wanted to do something fun with my big new Mochi stamper from Bundle Monster. It’s super fun! A bit of a learning curve, I think, but I will keep playing with it. On to this weeks 3 Step Tuesday Nail Art tutorial!

3step paisley




1) Cosmetic Sponge

2) Big Mochi Stamper

3) Plate of any kind, I obviously used paisley. This is MoYou London Fashionista Collection plate 11

4) Nail Barrier. I used Glisten & Glow CTL ALT DEL

5) Five nail colors in any color, going from dark to light. I obviously used pink( <3 ) by Fair Maiden, because they make awesome polishes in a pink color 🙂 L-R Total Eclipse of the Heart, Life of the Party, Dance Up On Me, Careless Whisper, Once Upon a Dream. I only used 5 because I didn’t gradient my thumb, so if you want to create a gradient to your thumb you’ll need six colors.



Get your base! I chose to do a white base for this look, because it’s easier to gradient over a color rather than try to do it on a bare nail. It makes for less coats, and an easier way to see your gradient. Once your base dries, slap on your nail barrier!


Next, use your cosmetic sponge to get your gradient. I wanted to do a side to side gradient to show the lighter to dark, which is easy to do with your sponge. I used both sides of my sponge in order to cut down on waste. It’s not perfect, but neither is life and I like it just fine 🙂

1) Slowly spread one line of color on the sponge. Immediately adjacent to that line, spread the next lighter shade of polish so that the colors are touching. Gently squeeze the sponge to soak up some of the polish. Repeat, then roll the sponge onto your nail with slight pressure, repeating a few times to get the blurred look between the colors. Repeat as necessary to get desired color coverage, then do the same with the next two colors in line.


And Stamp! You can use any pattern or stamper that you want, I was just excited to use the Mochi stamper. I used my Konad black stamping polish over the plate, scraped the excess, then rolled the Mochi stamper over top of the plate. It didn’t pick up with the cleanest lines, but I wanted this to be a very first ‘usage’ post to show what results you can get without doing anything too crazy. And, this is it! The stamp stayed on the Mochi head for a decent amount of time, enough for me to pick and choose where to place my fingers. This is what the aftermath looks like:


See what I mean about not the cleanest lines? But, that’s ok, because I know that I’ll get better with practice. Also, don’t use acetone on this! My friend The Polished Hippy had an unfortunate accident with hers 🙁

So, there ya have it! What did you think of this weeks 3 step Tuesday nail art? Do any of you have the Mochi Stamper yet?



  • Hope Elaysse

    This is absolutely gorgeous and I love that you did a tutorial. I’m a total newb at nail art but I would love to try these techniques someday. Great post! 🙂

  • I love the gradient with stamping! I can’t wait to use my Mochi stamper. Thanks again for the surprise ☺️

  • I want the Mochi stamper! This is a really pretty mani!

  • Nik

    Love this! Super pretty.

  • Lelia Pierce

    Just got the mochi stamper today and haven’t had the chance to play yet. Love this super girly mani!

  • Very pretty mani! I got the mochi stamper last week but haven’t been able to play with it yet.

  • This is gorgeous! I’ve never done a side to side gradient. I really should. I’ve never thought of squeezing the sponge to absorb more polish. I will try it!

  • Jen Sky Walker

    I don’t have this stamper, but I feel like I need to since I’ve really gotten into stamping!

  • The Mani Café

    the stamper really intrigues me! Seems useful!

  • Melissa

    Love the whole look!! Well done!

  • This is beautiful…I love all the shades of pink you used!

    I just got the Mochi stamper and there is definitely a learning curve. I think it’s all about speed!!

  • Nichole C

    I whole-heartedly approve!

  • Tracey

    Stunning gradient and your finished mani is beautiful x

  • Shawna Harrold

    What a great step by step!! Well done, and lonely mani!!

  • Beautiful! I love the pinks, Fair Maiden does have a lot of awesome ones to choose from.

  • This is so pretty!!

  • I love this look and I really love looking at the range of pinks from Fair Maiden!

  • Amy L

    Super pretty gradient and I love the stamping. I thought about getting that mochi stamper, but I just don’t think I would use it much.

  • Ann

    So amazing! I love the colors you used, I didn’t know fair maiden had such pretty colors.

  • Awesome!! Love how you did the gradient!

  • Super gorgeous! I’m a sucker for paisleys, and that’s just one perfect stamping! <3

  • Haha, yup! It was actually the gray stamper holder that went haywire with acetone. Here’s how I derped mine up: I was using an acetone soaked piece of toilet paper (yeah, because clASSy) to wipe down my plates between uses and accidentally set my stamper, case down, on the paper. It suck to the plastic and left icky paper residue on it, plus there was a nasty melted plastic smell. I was a bit surprised as I have gotten acetone regularly on other stamper holders and never had a problem. I will probably just sandpaper down the nasty bit but I was so disappointed in myself, lol. I hope they can make the holder in an acetone resistant plastic in the future. That aside, I love the mochi stamper! While it does not pick up quite as well as my Creative shop or clear stampers (more picky with polish/plates) it is amazing to be able to stamp five nails in one go! You’ve inspired me to give it another workout soon.

  • Love the pinks that you used for this mani! Gorgeous!