Jessica Cosmetics Phenom Review


Jessica Cosmetics Phēnom Review – Press Samples

Hey guys! Today I have a gorgeous set I received from Jessica Cosmetics with two colors from their Phēnom line, plus the base and top coat. Some information from their press release:

Want a polish that acts like a gel and removes easily like polish; that dries quickly in  natural light, lasts up to 10 days, and gives a gel‐like shine that becomes brighter  without touch ups?  Discover a phenomenal new breakthrough in nail polish with New  Phēnom by JESSICA.  The Phēnom Polish System delivers superior performance and the  Perfect Manicure in 1‐2‐3:  JESSICA Custom Basecoat + VIVID COLOUR (24 shades  exclusively created by Jessica Vartoughian) + FINALE SHINE.

“The secret to Phēnom is a revolutionary flexible polymer in  VIVID COLOUR polish and a  photo initiator in  FINALE SHINE topcoat.  They react together, with exposure to natural  light (no LED/UV lamps needed), to produce a tougher, chip‐resistant polish with  superior gel‐like shine,” explains Jessica Vartoughian, Founder & CEO of JESSICA  Cosmetics International, Inc.  “Prime with JESSICA Custom Basecoat to keep nails  healthy and colour from staining nails.  The Phēnom result is a fresh‐from‐the‐salon  manicure that lasts up to 10 days!  The magic is that Phēnom actually becomes harder  and shinier over time just with exposure to indoor and outdoor natural light.”

Pretty cool, huh? My set came with the base coat, two colors, and top coat. Let’s get to the polishes!

jessica-box-1 jessica-box-2

First, I started with the base coat! It was really shiny, but appeared to adhere well to the nail.


Then, I went to the colors!

fountain jessica-fountain-bleu-full

Formula/Application: Perfect application and formula, no issues to report!

Coverage: Opaque in two coats, or one thick coat

Color: Cerulean Blue

Finish: Creme

Notes: First thing I noticed was this color didn’t have an ultramarine (sulfur) scent! I was so excited because i love these bright blues but get a headache sometimes from the ultramarine pigments. Also, this formula was divine.

pretty jessica-pretty-in-pearls-full

Formula/Application: Perfect application and formula, no issues to report!

Coverage: Opaque in two coats

Color: Pale blush

Finish: Creme

Notes: I normally don’t tend to gravitate towards these colors, but how gorgeous and soft is this one?

Of course I had to do art work! I decided to do a gradient, and it was really easy to do a sponge gradient with these colors. For as pigmented as they are, cleanup was a breeze.


Of course I wasn’t done there….because THEY STAMP!


I decided to try stamping with them, and Fountain Bleu worked like a charm. I used my Crystal Clear Stamper from Girly Bits, and Vivid Lacquer plate 033 for the daisy. Isn’t it perfect?


I really like this set from Jessica. The top coat was similar to one I’ve used, CND Vinylux, where it comes in a painted bottle to keep out the sun. The light ends up helping to cure/dry the top coat, and these feel really strong. They made it through one of my work days with no chip and still have a high shine, which I always consider a miracle! Be sure to follow them on social media, and definitely try some out!

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  • Melissa

    I love the stamped gradient. Your nail art is so simple but so classic.

  • LittleNuclearReactor

    Oooh! I love polishes that are not only gorgeous, but also stamp!! I love the nail look you did, its so cute 🙂

  • Jen Sky Walker

    I am loving that blue! Your nail art is fantastic! The daisy is the perfect addition to the gradient!

  • Tracey

    Such pretty packaging and that blue!! Wowzers just beautiful x

  • These are so pretty, and your nail art is perfect!

  • These polishes are beautiful – so fun to know that they work in gradients and stamping! I usually just use a 2-free indie top coat, but I have clients that love these hybrid systems. Glad this one worked for you!

  • lacquerexpression

    Excellent review. These polish are gorgeous and do sound like a great preposition!

  • Kristi Vasquez

    I only have 1 Jessica polish and love it. I’m happy they stamp! Beautiful swatches!

  • Nichole C

    Pretty in Pearls. Yes.

  • The Polished Mommy

    Jessica has a really great formula so I can only imagine how great these are. Beautiful swatches.

  • These are lovely and they make such a nice gradient!

  • JC

    Your gradient is to die for!!!! Fantastic pics! I keep meaning to buy from this brand since we share a name 🙂

  • Ugh that gradient is life!!