Hella Holo Customs – CrowsToes and Top Shelf Lacquer

Hella Holo Customs – CrowsToes and Top Shelf Lacquer – Press Samples

OH MY GOSH I have THE BEST POST for you, ever! Today I get to show you the amazing March customs for Hella Holo Customs, a private FB group (don’t worry, it’s not hard to get in) that have two makers create customs each month! This months featured makers are CrowsToes and Top Shelf Lacquer. These will be available today, 3/14/16 until the end of the month! This post is picture heavy, so let’s get started!

minta Ct1CrowsToes-mintally-unstable-full CrowsToes-mintally-unstable-full2 CrowsToes-Mintally-Unstable-Insta-macro-full

Formula/Application: Perfect application and formula, no issues to report!

Coverage: Opaque in two coats

Color: Mint base with pink flakes and soft holo

Finish: Holo flake

Notes: I just can’t get over how perfectly this matches the inspiration photo!! It went on SO smoothly and perfectly, it was a dream to work with.

hotheaded CRT2 CrowsToes-Hot-Headed-Red-full CrowsToes-Hot-Headed-Red-full2 CrowsToes-Hot-Headed-Red-macro-full

Formula/Application: It was a little thick, but very manageable. The thickness comes from the shifty pigments, and the gorgeous scatter holo.

Coverage: Opaque in two coats

Color: Duochrome orange to red with a strong pink flash and scatter holo

Finish: Duochrome Holo

Notes: Uh, what can I NOT say about this polish?? It’s stunning!

abra CT3 CrowsToes-Abracadabra-full CrowsToes-Abracadabra-full2 CrowsToes-Abracadabra-macro-full

Formula/Application: This is a thick polish, but it’s literally magic because it has an easy application and a smooth finish

Coverage: Opaque in two coats

Color: Multichrome flake awesomeness

Finish: Magic? I really think, magic.

Notes: Everything about this polish is magic. Seriously. You think it wouldn’t build to opacity? It does, in only two coats. You think it would have a rough finish? Nope, smooth as a baby’s butt. It lives up to its name, and it knows it. It totally knows it’s Abracadabra…bitch.

fire TS Top-Shelf-Lacquer-full Top-Shelf-Lacquer-holo-Full Top-Shelf-Lacquer-Macro-Full


Formula/Application: Perfect application and formula, no issues to report!

Coverage: Opaque in two coats

Color: Fire red with gold/yellow flash

Finish: Holo shimmer

Notes: Uh, this polish is stunning. Also? It wears like iron on me. I was SO rough with my hands the past few days (note-hiking a few miles in fallen trees, pine needles, and lots of thorn bushes) and I had zero chips! ZERO!

huckleberry color1 topshelf-lacquer-huckleberry-hooch-full topshelf-lacquer-huckleberry-hooch-holo-full topshelf-lacquer-huckleberry-hooch-macro-full

Formula/Application: Perfect application and formula, no issues to report!

Coverage: Opaque in two coats

Color: Bright purple holo

Finish: Holo

Notes: This is so bright and so gorgeous and so HOLO!!!

sarasota ts-cinnamon topshelf-lacquer-sarasota-lemonade-full topshelf-lacquer-sarasota-lemonade-holo-full topshelf-lacquer-sarasota-lemonade-macro-full

Formula/Application: Another amazing application and formula. Seriously, IRON WEAR!

Coverage: Opaque in two coats

Color: Pale peach with a cinnamon flash with a hint of blue/purple shimme

Finish: Holo

Notes: This one is so deceiving because it looks like a normal holo in the bottle, but out of it? It has an amazing shifty property and is so, so SO gorgeous. I mean, look at it!!


So, what do we think of this months Hella Holo Customs colors? I personally am not even going to decide on a favorite, because they’re all amazingly gorgeous and you need each and every one of them. Want to know more? Join the group!

Hella Holo Customs FB Group | Hella Holo Customs IG

CrowsToes Store | Facebook | Instagram

Top Shelf Lacquer Store | Facebook | Instagram

  • Hope Elaysse

    Crows Toes keeps blowing me away time and time again. <3 Beautiful swatches of all the polishes. 🙂

  • La Lp

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    I have been a fan of Top Shelf since the start but I think these might be her best yet!

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    Thanks for great swatches! I’m a member in that group too and I have to decide on wich once of these I can afford to buy because they all look amazing.

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  • Nichole C


    But could you take some with a regular camera? And maybe some normal lights?

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