Great Lakes Lacquer April LE polishes

Great Lakes Lacquer April LE polishes –  Press Samples

Hey guys! Today I have 5 gorgeous colors to show you from Great Lakes Lacquer! I was on vacation all last week and have spent my time since Friday catching up, woof. Vacation wears you out! These colors are part of a monthly LE collection Great Lakes Lacquer does, and these will be available April 1 at 3 pm EST all the way until May 2 at 7 pm EST. Let’s get to the polishes!

fools Great Lakes Lacquer Fools Gold Great Lakes Lacquer Fools Gold

Formula/Application: Lovely formula and application. Didn’t feel thick or unmanageable at all with the glitter

Coverage: Near opaque with three coats. I have a very strong VNL line because my nail beds are short.

Color: A mix of gold and pink microglitters with peach and rosy microflake.

Finish: Holo glitter flake

Notes: Note from Mariah: A nod toward that tradition of April Fools!  A topper that can be worn alone as well, this is filled with gold holo microglitter, pale pink holo microglitter, peach microflake, and rosy microflake.  1 easy coat as a topper over your favorite spring color or 4 for a mostly opaque look


lilac Great Lakes Lacquer Lilac Love Great Lakes Lacquer Lilac Love

Formula/Application: This one was a tiny bit thick with the flakes, but the coats evened out well and it was a great application

Coverage: Opaque in two coats

Color: Light pink/purple sherbert with scattered holo and aqua shimmer

Finish: Creme shimmer flake

Notes: Note from Mariah: My absolutely favorite flower ever.  This spring bloom always just means home to me.  I have a small bush in my front yard and it was the clincher in actually buying the house in the first place.


lion Great Lakes Lacquer Out Like a Lion Great Lakes Lacquer Out Like a Lion

Formula/Application: No issues to report

Coverage: Opaque in two coats

Color: White crelly with multichrome flake and multiple smaller translucent flake

Finish: Milky flake

Notes: Note from Mariah: Another nod to April Fools.  Winter likes to trick you into thinking that it’s gone when it’s not.  This year it spared us all the way up til the end.  Then walloped us before it left.


ice Great Lakes Lacquer The Ice is on Fire Great Lakes Lacquer The Ice is on Fire

Formula/Application: No issues to report, went on smooth and laid flat

Coverage: Opaque in two coats

Color: Medium blue green with red-gold-green shifting glitter

Finish: Creme glitter

Notes: Note from Mariah: Inspired by the ice caves that form when Lake Michigan freezes up by Traverse City.  Add some light from sunrise or sunset and you get magic.  A medium blue green with shimmer that shifts from red to gold to green.


stop Great Lakes Lacquer Stop Stepping On My Hyacinths Great Lakes Lacquer Stop Stepping On My Hyacinths

Formula/Application: Another amazing formula! Application was a breeze

Coverage: Opaque in two coats

Color: Blue based purple with 2 types of multichrome flake

Finish: Milky flake

Notes: Note from Mariah: I love Hyacinths.  Absolutely love.  Next to lilacs, they are my favorite spring flower.  They do not last nearly long enough for me.  So I get a bit frustrated when those that are planted next to my porch are constantly stepped on.  This year, I plan on moving them.


So, there is all five of Great Lakes Lacquer April LE’s! I couldn’t NOT do nail art with them, and I went a bit crazy!

Polished Pathology Nail Art

Fools Gold. I used Emily de Molly plate 05 with the cherry blossoms to get this look. I used Konad black stamping polish, and some other random colors to fill in the outlines!

Polished Pathology Nail Art

Another look with Lilac Love! I used a white base on my middle fingers, then dabbed Fools Gold, The Ice is on Fire, and Lilac Love over it, then stamped with Konad black using Emily de Molly Plate 05.

Polished Pathology Nail Art

This time I did a gradient stamp of the roses on, you guessed it Emily de Molly plate 05. I would love to tell you that it’s because I planned it this way to show you the versatility of the images, but in reality it’s because I’m lazy and they were right in front of me. But they are versatile! I topped it with vine leaves from Messy Mansion plate 07 using Konad black.

Polished Pathology Nail Art

My last stamping look! I used another gradient stamp with The Ice is on Fire and Messy Mansion plate 07.

Polished Pathology Nail Art

I LOVE nail decals, and KBShimmer has an amazing assortment! I used the Gerbera Daisy collection for this look!


So, what do you guys think of the art work and the Great Lakes Lacquer April LE’s? Again, these will be available only April 1 – May 2! Be sure to be following her on social media!

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