Alchemy Lacquers Spring Trio

Alchemy Lacquers Spring Trio – Press Samples

Well hello again! Today is PA day, a day where my profession gets celebrated by the 12 people that know about it ūüėČ My doctors bought the lab pizza and I brought donuts in, so I’ll be working THAT off for the next few months. It was well worth it. Today I have three gorgeous colors to show you from Alchemy Lacquers, and I have to tell you she continuously knocks her collections out of the park. The formulas are amazing, the colors are gorgeous, and the combinations are things I would never even think of and they work together so perfectly. Oy, enough gushing, lets get to the polishes!

sndap Alchemy Lacquers Alchemy Lacquers

Formula/Application:¬†When you use this, you’ll notice a lot of polish gets pulled up onto the brush. That’s due to the amount of flakes in this polish. I would suggest doing a slightly thicker coat, because if it becomes patchy it will be hard to fill that in with the next layer. Once you have a decent amount of polish on the brush, application is a snap!

Coverage: Opaque in two coats

Color: Rosy pink crelly base with purple, orange, yellow, green, and blue micro flake

Finish: Crelly flake

Notes:¬†I love how delicate, yet how fun this is. I can’t wait to use it as a base for nail art, because I know that multiple types of nail art will complement this polish. Removal was great, I swiped several times and didn’t notice flakes migrating to my skin.

dea Alchemy Lacquers Alchemy Lacquers

Formula/Application: Again, a lot of polish pulls up onto the brush so I would suggest doing a slightly thicker first coat. Even with that, though, the polish applied smoothly and evenly and the flakes laid flat.

Coverage: Opaque in two coats

Color: Periwinkle leaning blue base with pink shimmer and translucent flake

Finish: Crelly flake shimmer

Notes:¬†Well, this is perfect. I just, you ever have an impossible idea for a polish? And you think it will never be done, or if it is, it won’t be done well? Yeah. This polish is everything. Removal was good, the shimmer and flakes didn’t transfer to my skin with multiple swipes.

toinic Alchemy Lacquers Alchemy Lacquers

Formula/Application: No issues to report, very smooth application from a great formula

Color: Cinderella blue base with scant low density holo and pink/purple shimmer

Finish: Crelly shimmer

Notes:¬†The shimmer comes out so well in the low light. This is everything I wanted Sinful Colors Cinderella to be that wasn’t. Removal was great, no issues to report.


So, there ya have it, three new colors from Alchemy Lacquers releasing tomorrow at 8 pm EDT!. Sea Holly and Sea of Snapdragons will be core polishes, Restoration Tonic will be a LE. Also, part of tomorrow’s release is an elixir party, where she will be releasing extremely LE Elixir colors! You don’t wanna miss out on this!

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  • Lelia Pierce

    I think I love the pink one best…and I’m not really a sissy pink kind of girl. This one leans almost neutral and I love it! ūüôā

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  • Michelle Chouinard

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    I looooove the shimmer in Restoration Tonic– definitely my favorite of the three!

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    These are seriously perfect! Sea Holly will be mine!

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  • Hope Elaysse

    Sea Holly is life. <3 Beautiful swatches and helpful information, as always. <3

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    Omg I love them ALL!! And shockingly, I think the pink is my favorite O_o

  • Nichole C

    these are so pretty. SO PRETTY.

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    I need these!! Hopefully they won’t sell out before I can get them in a couple weeks.

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