Alter Ego Body Care Products and Nail Polish

Alter Ego Body Care Products and Nail Polish – Press Samples

Hey guys! Today I have a wonderful little trio of polishes plus some handmade lotion from Alter Ego Body Care Products!. She’s recently changed her nail polish base, and I’ve gotta tell you, they are incredible formulas now! She also has really expanded her body care line. Let’s get to the polishes!

bosom Alter Ego Bosom Buddies Alter Ego Bosom Buddies

Formula/Application: Great formula and application, I had no issues!

Coverage: Near opaque in two coats

Color: Cinnamon red with a pink/gold shimmer

Finish: Jelly shimmer

Notes: I have a huge, huge crush on shimmers. I really like how the colors blend together, and that cinnamon orange red with the golden pink glow is to die for! I just have to say again how much I love her new formulas!

chocolatier Alter Ego Chocolatier Alter Ego Chocolatier

Formula/Application: Another great formula and application.

Coverage: Opaque in two coats

Color: Root beer brown with a golden frosty finish

Finish: Slight frost shimmer

Notes: This one has a frosty finish that will give off brush strokes, but you can avoid that by using a sponge application. I don’t mind the brush strokes and they are very minimal with this polish.

vintner Alter Ego Vintner Alter Ego Vintner

Formula/Application: The glitter is suspended well and not sticky! Very easy to get good coverage. This is one coat.

Coverage: Glitter topper

Color: Purple glitter with larger purple and green hexes

Finish: Glitter topper

Notes: I layered this over Darling Diva Polish Hating You Makes me All Warm Inside. I should have layered it over Chocolatier, because wine and chocolate go together!


I also received her Double Agent Face/Body cream to review. I didn’t use it on my face, because my face tends to go whacko with any new item, no matter how gentle the product is. Here are the ingredients:

Babassu oil, kokum butter, unrefined undeodorized shea butter, vitamin E, polysorbate 80, optiphen, stearic acid, hyrdolized silk powder, and some have essential oil.

If you don’t care for essential oils, you can opt for the natural mix. It’s not technically unscented, because shea butter has a slightly nutty scent. She sent mine with the citrus scent, and it is a nice, unoffensive scent. I’m pretty particular about smells, and I loved this one!

Please note that shea butter can be grainy after it is heated, it is a vegetable butter and this is a issue with all vegetable butters but seems to be most noticeable in shea and mango butters. It has to be heated because in its natural form it is a damp, putty like substance. My cream came in a whipped, almost mousse like state. It is finely granular, but when I apply it everything feels smooth and nicely blends into my skin. I really like it, my skin feels softer and looks more hydrated after I use it. This is a part of her EgoBoost line, which has multiple fun body care products to try.

Not only does she have a body care line, she also has developed a line for Men, a Scented perfume line, and a shampoo for our four legged kids! I need to pick some up for my Tina!


So, what do you guys think of the Alter Ego Body Care Products? Go check out her website, she has a fabulous selection to choose from and you  MUST try out some of her new polish colors! Use code Polished Pathology for a 20% off coupon! – note – I am not being compensated financially for this code, it is just to keep track for the maker.

Follow her on social media, as well!

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  • Cynthia Decker

    Thank you for your thorough and detailed review! Your photos and manis are spectacular! We are thrilled you like Double Agent, as with all our products it is the culmination of months long testing-we couldn’t release any product that we ourselves can’t use 🙂

  • Jen Sky Walker

    I love the bottle shape too! It’s so classy!

  • Cat Ray

    Haven’t tried any of her products yet, but I like the unique bottle shape and the colors are very pretty! The hand butter sounds very nice too!

  • That shimmah in Bosom Buddies is so beautiful!

  • Bosom Buddies looks AMAZING! <3 The bottles are adorable too! <3

  • I am loving that cream!!! I have been using it for over a month now and my face is loving it!!! Gorgeous swatches as always! <3

  • Ohh, I L-O-V-E Chocolatier! I seriously want! I love how well it looks with just two coats — so creamy!

  • Megan Glazer

    These colors look divine! I may have to pick up some colors from her 🙂

  • Beautiful swatches! I love Chocolatier (and sweet sweet Cynthia!!) <3

  • lacquerexpression

    I haven’t heard from this brand before but your swatches are gorgeous and the whipped butter sounds lush!

  • Chocolatier is my fav for sure!

  • Blossom Buddhist is so pretty!

  • Naked Without Polish

    I have the Double Agent cream and love it. I agree the citrus is fantastic, and I normally get ill with citrus smells. Chocolatier is such a beautiful shade of brown!

  • that bronzey topaz shade is the bee’s knees on you.

  • Chocolatier is a brown I need in my life! And Vintner is a lovely topper!

  • all_the_words025

    I don’t always love brown polish, but Chocolatier is so pretty!

  • Tracey

    Chocolatier is super lush x

  • Chocolatier looks so good on you!