Zoya Sunsets Collection Summer 2016

Zoya Sunsets Collection Summer 2016 – Press Samples

Hey guys! Today I have part 2 up of Zoya’s Summer 2016 polishes, the Zoya Sunsets Collection! Again, this is a heavy post so I’m just gonna jump straight into the polishes!

dory Dory Zoya Sunsets Collection Dory Zoya Sunsets Collection

Formula/Application: Great formula and application, no issues to report

Coverage: Opaque in two coats

Color: Carribean Blue

Finish: Creme

Notes: Note – this one does have the sulfur-like smell, but that’s from the ultramarine pigments! Nothing is wrong with the actual polish, and that BLUE! Isn’t it gorgeous?

liv Liv Zoya Sunsets Collection Liv Zoya Sunsets Collection

Formula/Application: This one was a tiny bit thick, but I think that had more to do with the humidity rather than the polish itself. Even with me noticing that about the formula, the application was good

Coverage: Opaque in two coats

Color: Berry purple

Finish: Creme

Notes: I really want a push pop. All colors like this make me want push pops from my childhood!

ness Ness Zoya Sunsets Collection Ness Zoya Sunsets Collection

Formula/Application: Great formula and application, no issues to report

Coverage: Opaque in two coats

Color: Sea Glass Green

Finish: Creme

Notes: Ok, I think I found my new favorite green. Isn’t this one such a gorgeous color? I just can’t wait to use it in some nail art. Maybe I will marble with it, or stamp. I don’t know!

cam Cam Zoya Sunsets Collection Cam Zoya Sunsets Collection

Formula/Application: This one was a tiny bit sticky in formula, but still applied easily

Coverage: Opaque in two coats

Color: WHABAM Neon orange

Finish: Creme

Notes: I don’t know, maybe this is better called tangerine? Whichever classification of shade you want to call this, I think we can all agree that it’s beautiful

brynn Brynn Zoya Sunsets Collection Brynn Zoya Sunsets Collection

Formula/Application: Great formula and application, no issues to report

Coverage: Opaque in two coats

Color: Pink

Finish: Creme

Notes: Huge fan of pinks here, I know I’ve said that multiple times in various posts…but a good pink just makes my day!

dixie Dixie Zoya Sunsets Collection Dixie Zoya Sunsets Collection

Formula/Application: Similar formula to Cam, a bit sticky but not difficult to apply

Coverage: Opaque in two coats

Color: Neon red

Finish: Creme

Notes: UGH! I am just in LOVE with all of these cremes! Zoya really did a great job with this collection, and this neon red is simply gorgeous!

OK! Now onto the comparisons!


I think Dory is more in the similar color plane of Yummy, but Dory is brighter while Yummy is more subdued. Rocky is more teal.


Liv is pretty much holding her own here compared to the other purples I have. No dupes, here!


When I pulled Ness out of the box, I immediately thought it was just a rebottle of Josie. That is, until I had them side by side. Ness has more blue in it, while Josie has more yellow.


Coraline was one of their LE’s (maybe a blogger trio? I can’t remember) Very similar to Cam, except Coraline is a jelly, while Cam is a creme.


I have LOTS of Zoya’s in this color range, but these are the closest I had coming to Brynn. As you can see, no dupes.


Kind of another similar instance to Cam. While Kate was an LE, it is a jelly and a slight shade off from Dixie’s creme finish.

My second lipstick I got from Zoya was Candy, a gorgeous pink!

zoya-lipsticks-full Zoya Candy Zoya Candy zoya-lip-swatches-b

Again, really happy with the quality and wear time of this lipstick. It’s very pretty!

Here is some more information about the Zoya Sunsets Collection, plus Seashells!

Quad sets = $18 each

Mini Sets = $20 each

Full sets = $54 for Sunsets, $60 for Seashells

So, here is Zoya Sunsets Collection Summer 2016! What do you guys think of it the whole collection? Also, don’t forget about the giveaway!

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  • Tracey

    Love Dory for the colour and name. Gorgeous swatches ♡

  • I love this collection. I must obtain all of them muahahaha

  • Nik

    Love this collection! All of the colors are super gorgeous!

  • marciaf

    I like these cremes so much more than the sparkly ones. There are some beautiful shades here.

  • Megan Glazer

    Liv and Ness are stealing my heart, here! These cremes look amazing, and they usually always are from Zoya!

  • Great swatches and comparisons!! I really like these and can’t wait to use them in lots of summer nail art!

  • This collection is also beautiful! I think I like it more than the seashells one because they’re all cremes — my favorite type of polish!

  • Naked Without Polish

    Ness is lovely on you!

  • I think I like yesterdays lipstick better on you. Wear it everyday.

  • I don’t normally gravitate toward super-brights, but Cam and Dixie are calling my name!

  • I love this whole collection, but Dory Cam and Ness are my absolute favorites!

  • Hope Elaysse

    I remember push pops! Very fond memories. 🙂 Excellent review and I love the lip colors too!

  • Emily

    I love how the Sunsets collection looks all together and individually!

  • christina

    GORGEOUS!!! And THAT is an excellent price point for crèmes. Call me a brat but indie prices on crèmes just kills me.. but THESE are gorgeous!!!! Thank you and the comparisons were great too!!

  • I LOVE Dory and Ness! May need to pick up a few of these!