4th of July Nail Art Blog Switch with Mindfully Polished

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Jenne here – Megan is a doll and I was so excited she said yes when I asked her to switch with me! <3

Blog Switch with Jenne from Polished Pathology
Hey, everyone! I’m Megan, and I’m the polish addict
behind the newbie blog
Mindfully Polished. I am SO EXCITED to be switching with Jenne today!
Honestly, when she approached me and asked if I wanted to do a blog switch, I fangirled a bit; I absolutely adore Jenne and her blog, and have been following it for a long while! 
When we realized that we both have the same birthday, it was only natural that we would both be creating birthday manicures. And when is our birthday, you ask? The 4th of July! Hey now, firecracker babies!! 
Here is an overview of all of the materials that I used; a further description will be outlined below! 


One of my all-time favorite indie brands is Ever After Polish, and I definitely wanted to use a couple of them for this manicure! To lay down the basis for my mani, I applied a red (Big Apple Red) to my index and pinky
fingers, and the blue (Yum Yum, a custom from a Facebook group named Hella Holo Customs) to my ring finger. On my middle finger, I applied Sally Hansen Insta-Dri in Tag, Ur It!; this white is quick-dry, and it is my go-to white! Here are some close-up shots of the Ever After colors that I used, as well as a shot of the base of my mani.





After my base colors dried, I applied a barrier to my middle and ring fingers. My barrier of choice is the Latex
Free Lickety-Split Mani Mask from Ellagee
; it is bright green, so you are able to see exactly where you place it, and it peels off extremely well, in one piece! After this dried, I added my stamping.  For the stars, I used an image from PUEEN44, which came from the Love Elements set of stamping plates; I stamped these using white
Konad polish
, and used my favorite clear jelly stamper from Born Pretty Store, in order to place the stars exactly where I wanted them. For the stripes, I used part of another Pueen Cosmetics plate, PUEEN83, and stamped with Hit the Bottle’s Rusty Nail, also using my clear stamper. After peeling off the non-latex barrier, I sealed
everything in with glossy top coat. Here is the final result!
I am so excited with how these came out, and I definitely want to recreate them when the 4th of July actually rolls
Again, a giant thank you to Jenne for having me on your blog! Please be sure to head over to Mindfully Polished, to see what she created!

Jenne here again! Isn’t this the BEST?? I love all of her colors and they are truly patriotic!!