CrowsToes Swatch Spam!

CrowsToes Swatch Spam – Press Samples

And what do I have here for you guys today? I have 4 amazing new colors from CrowsToes (I LOVE it when she comes out with new colors, she does such an amazing job) 3 Halloween colors and 1 from the Nine Realms continuing collection. Let’s get to the polishes!

death CrowsToes Death Warmed Over CrowsToes Over & Over CrowsToes Death Warmed Over

Formula/Application: All CT’s polishes tend to be a little thick, where you can add thinner to your preference. I’ve never added thinner to mine, I happen to like a bit thicker polishes.

Coverage: Opaque in two coats

Color:  A pinkish, copperish, goldish, greenish blueish color shifter with just a touch of contrasting iridescent flakes and a little extra sparkle added.

Finish: Crelly flake duochrome shimmer

Notes: The flakes on this one are a bit thicker and can cause texture. I used a thick coat of Gelous then my quick dry top coat and it was smooth as silk for me.

murder CrowsToes Murder in the 2nd CrowsToes Murder in the 2nd CrowsToes Murder in the 2nd

Formula/Application: Again, this one was a bit thick. I did a thin first coat which was patchy (I was expecting that) and a slightly thicker second coat to smooth things out. The glitter isn’t unmanegable in this.

Coverage: Opaque in two coats

Color:  Green/blue to purple color shifter in a blackened base with assorted sizes of solid green hex glitters and a bit of micro holo glitters tossed in for good measure

Finish: Crelly flake duochrome shimmer

Notes: I used a thick coat of Gelous then my quick dry top coat to make this one smooth. The larger glitters can bunch up, so be sure to lay your brush flat on your nail so you don’t drag all the glitter to the tip. Isn’t that shift glorious?

overandover CrowsToes Over & Over CrowsToes Over & Over CrowsToes Over & Over

Formula/Application: No issues to report!

Coverage: Opaque in two coats

Color:  This is a multi toned red leaning purple sparkler with a strong blue overtone….. I do not advise that you wear this while driving…. 😀

Finish: Jelly shimmer glitter

Notes: Oh man, the colors in this one! I absolutely LOVE the glitter in here. It’s so shiny!

mjoinr CrowsToes Mojinir CrowsToes Mojinir CrowsToes Mojinir CrowsToes Mojinir

Formula/Application: No issues to report, this polish is great!

Coverage: Opaque in two coats

Color:  Mjölnir is a dirty wine red based red to gold color shifter with both matching and contrasting glitters throughout. This is essentially a red version of Nidavellir, Muspellheim and Vanaheim.

Finish: Crelly red/purple/gold chrome shift with glitter

Notes: I think all I have to say here is THOR’S HAMMER!

So, what did we think of the new CrowsToes Colors? More swatches of these will be popping up soon, and she will be doing a pre-order for these colors November 20-23, so mark your calendars! Follow her on social media/her shop using the links below:

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  • All of these are gorgeous, but I really love Over And Over!

  • Those are so gorgeous.

  • Kristi Vasquez

    Over and Over really speaks to me! I love CT’s – Indian Summer was my first ever purchase!

  • Jen Sky Walker

    I’m not really fond of the use of flakes in these, especially with the textured appearance. Shame because the colour combinations are pretty.

  • I love the shift in Mjölnir and Death Warmed Over.

  • Over & Over is gorgeous – it seems to glow from within!

  • 100% secks. That mjolnir is amazing.

  • Naked Without Polish

    Oh, these are beautiful, but Mjölnir knocks my socks off!

  • Holy cow! I kept thinking “This is my fave” from the first to the last. Now that I’m at the bottom I can’t really make a choice!

  • Beautiful and unique! I love Mjölnir 🙂

  • Oh my GOSH! I love all of these so much!! This is one of those brands I haven’t had a chance to pick up yet, but I’m def looking into these!!

  • Stacie Wacie

    Great swatches! I’ve only got one CT polish, I should grab some of these!

  • Nik

    These are seriously stunning!

  • I love Over and Over!!! The red glitter just glows!!! Wow!

  • Oh these are beautiful, all of them!

  • That shift on Mjölnir is beautiful!!!

  • As odd as it sounds that polish called Death Warmed Over sounds so appropriate for the color, haha!