Fantasmic Flakies Alter Ego Body Care Products Abie’s Irish Rose

Fantasmic Flakies Alter Ego Body Care Products Abie’s Irish Rose – Press Sample

Hello everyone! Today I have a short and sweet blog post for you! I am featuring Alter Ego Body Care Products Abie’s Irish Rose, a lovely green shimmer with flakes created for the Fantasmic Flakes group on Facebook. Let’s get to the photos!


Formula/Application: No issues with formula or application!

Coverage: Slight VNL with two coats – would be good as a topper as well!

Color: Spring green with shimmer and green blue flakes

Finish: Sheer shimmer flake

Notes: Notes from the maker: Abie’s Irish Rose: Abie’s Irish Rose is a way back throwback from the 1940’s about a love story kinda like Romeo & Juliet. Instead of feuding families Abie is Jewish, Rose is Catholic. The story details the families objections to the different religions marrying and trying to find peace with it when the couple elopes. Compromise is happily finally reached when the young couple has a baby. Even tho this a old story, it does demonstrate that some people always have had questions, concerns and biased opinions of others before they know all the facts. The lessons of intolerance, then acceptance with education and understanding of all, whether it be religion, race and/or sexual identity, that while we all appear different we all really have the same values

This polish will be available the month of June in her shop! Be sure to join the group on Facebook so you don’t miss out on any gorgeous shades!

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  • Cynthia Decker

    Thank you so much for your hard work! Your mani and photos are fabulous!