Two Gypsies Sugar Plum

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Happy Monday! Well, at least it was 4 minutes ago. I'm still going to lie and say it was posted on Monday because TECHNOLOGY WILL LET ME. I've been in the middle of listening to lectures and swatching, so I can have my posts scheduled all week! Yay time management! (more…)

Emerald & Ash 1st Anniversary

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I am very excited to show you the next few polishes, not because they are amazing, but because the maker is truly amazing as well. I'd like to tell you about Ashley, the primary maker behind Emerald & Ash (you're awesome too Nate, don't worry). (more…)

Tea Bag Band-aid

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Yes, tea bag band-aid. I know I've spoken before how much I love this weather, the cold, the snow, the life sucking dryness when you step outside and realize that was a horrible choice (scientific and accurate depiction). I've made it through the winter with no horrible breaks, but I do get nicks in my ...